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Welcome to Lindo Creations, where we incorporate traditional and modern styles to celebrate the Islamic faith in your homes. The majority of our line is handcrafted and not mass-produced.

In addition to our unique handcrafted products, we have also been working hard to build relationships within our community and expand our product line.  We have partnered with the following companies to provide selection, quality, and accessibility.

Recently, Lindo Creations was featured on Zabiha Halal's campaign, Sharing Halal with Hoodo Hersi. Check out our story here! Be sure to follow Zabiha Halal on Facebook and Instagram for their selection of halal choices.


Muslim Holiday Shop

Lindo Creations is the 1st in Canada to offer Islamic Holiday Inflatables. Our vast selection includes; Giant Moon, Moon on Cloud, Ramadan Mubarak inflatables, and more. These timeless pieces are the best way to welcome the Ramadan and Eid seasons and spread the cheer! 


A traditional home fragrance company bringing out the beauty in the use of conventional home incense, the art of gift-giving and all things home décor. Our goal is to provide you with unique scents while we bring modernized traditions & culture.


Boutique Bead Art

Our tasbih collection consists of 99 beads to assist in the glorification of Allah (SWT). 


Each piece is ORIGINAL and created only once!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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