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My Story

Born and raised as Muslim-Canadian defines who I am.  For generations, Canada has allowed Muslims to practice and express their faith in different ways.  Mosques have become common structures, halal choices are available at our local supermarkets, and Islamic traditions are visible in the melting pot that makes Canada a unique environment for Muslims as a whole. Offering ways to decorate Muslim-Canadian homes with exclusive pieces has become a passion of mine. As a mother, I wanted to encourage my children to practice and experience Islam with the same enthusiasm as our neighbors/friends celebrate their holidays. Events like the month of Ramadan and Eids are the essences of Lindo Creations' birth.  The idea that I can offer unique decorations that represent Muslims and start new traditions for second-generation Muslim-Canadians is the most rewarding feeling as a community member.  Families now have the accessibility to decorate with Islamic holiday inflatables, handmade Ramadan and Eid banners, and classic door wreaths designed with elegance and contemporary style in mind. As a Muslim-Canadian, the goal is simple.  Build awareness about Islam to our Non-Muslim communities and contribute to mine with what I can. Recently, Lindo Creations was featured on Zabiha Halal's campaign, Sharing Halal with Hoodo Hersi. Check out our story here! Be sure to follow Zabiha Halal on Facebook and Instagram for their selection of halal choices.

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